Architectural Review

Architectural Review Committee for Forestbrooke HOA.

The purpose of the ARC is to ensure the aesthetics of the community are preserved. This means that any *changes* to exterior appearance needs to be reviewed by the ARC. Please submit an ARC form and include a property survey or sample pictures of what you would like to change.

ARC Form

ARC Requirements

Only changes need review

If you are repainting your house in the same color, replacing landscaping with same type, or similar refreshes to your home then no ARC review is needed.
The list below are examples of changes that NEED REVIEW:

  • Replacing protected trees
    (this also requires a permit from the city).
  • Planting hedges adjacent to adjoining property
  • Changing landscape only when it affects drainage
  • Changing the exterior colors of the house
  • Installation of walls or fences
  • Any exterior modification to an existing structure
ARC Form
Please review your HOA covenants for general guidelines.

The ARC is covered under Section 5 of the HOA covenants. Please click the link for a copy of this section if you are not familiar with these rules of the community.

ARC Process

Send your ARC form to the management company.

Fill in your ARC form with as much detail as possible. Include a copy of your property survey or sketch of the area you would like to change, and also include any pictures, samples, colors, etc of the change.

The management company will date when the request was received and then distribute to the Chairman of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC).


Contact Info:

Randy Miller
1645 E Hwy 50 Ste 201
Clermont FL 34711-5124
352-243-4595 ext. 59001

Review and Response.

The Chairman of the ARC will receive the request and distribute to all members of the ARC for their review. The use of virtual meetings is utilized whenever possible to facilitate speedy responses. When necessary the Chairman will schedule a physical meeting within 30 days. The request will be reviewed against the Covenants and By Laws of the community. If there are questions or more details are needed, the ARC, through the management company, will work with the homeowner to get additional details.

The ARC will review all of the details and approve or deny the request, then send the form back to the management company to keep a copy. Once approved, work can begin on the requested changes.